Tools You Can Use to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

How You Can Effectively Manage Multiple Sites?

7Managing multiple WordPress websites can be a challenge. In addition to updating each website to the latest version of WordPress, you also have to update plugins and themes regularly. Performing other tasks, such as moderating comments, can also be time-consuming because you have to constantly switch between websites and log in and log out, visit official site. There are a numbers of services available to help you manage multiple WordPress sites effectively. Here are some of the best multiple WordPress sites management solutions that you might want to know about:


This is owned by WordPress plugin developer Vladimir Prelovac. ManageWP is the most well-known WordPress management service online. The main interface is intuitive with all websites listed down the left hand side of the page and an overview section that lets you quickly update plugins and themes, delete post revisions and remove spam comments.

WP Remote

This site lets you monitor an unlimited number of WordPress websites for free. This is actually a great deal for starters who don’t want to spend too much on their first website. Through the WP Remote dashboard you can update WordPress and update your plugins and themes. You can also download a snapshot (backup) of your websites

CMS Commander

CMS Commander has one of the most practical interfaces for managing multiple websites. From the main dashboard you can see a list of all of your websites, a stats overview and details of what needs to be updated. Updates can be performed for all of your websites by utilizing the “Update All” button. CMS Commander has a lot of unique features such as the ability to integrate affiliate networks into your website and the ability to clone your websites. You can also bulk edit posts across your whole portfolio and copy whole articles from one website to another. Automatic backups are available too.


iControlWP has a lot of great features such as an automated update option, bulk actions for all websites, a malware scanner and automatic backups. The main dashboard also lets you performs manual updates and moderate comments.


InfiniteWP is a free application that you can install on your server to manage all of your WordPress websites. It allows you to create a master login that accesses all of your websites. One click updates are available and you can bulk install favourite plugins with a single click. You can also use InfiniteWP to backup and restore your websites. This is a great multiple WordPress sites management tool that you can use.

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