Local SEO Services and Strategies in Houston, Texas that Can Be Used by Small Businesses

6 Strategies that is Right for Small Businesses

For small businesses that struggle to establish their online visibility, employing local SEO services in Houston, Texas is the most helpful way to achieve that goal. This is because without a consistent and sturdy existence over the internet, your business will never be known by your target audiences and customers. Starting to use local SEO strategies may be challenging, but with these four tips, you can start creating a strategy that could boost your site’s ranking and increase your sales.

13Strategy 1:  Create local places pages. The first step is to ensure that you have an existing local business page for major search engines which are Bing, Yahoo, and Google. This means that you have three different listings and dashboards that should be managed. Fill out your business information in the local places pages provided by the search engines such as your contact number, hours, location, and other pertinent information about your business and you’ll be all set with an account in each search engines.

Strategy 2: Categorize and optimize your page properly. Proper categorizing of your business’ page is one of the most crucial steps to optimize for local search. Depending on the search engine, you can actually place your business in more than two categories which is needed by the search engines to understand what your business really does. Moreover, optimizing your local pages would require you to upload a good amount of high quality photos, information about the hours of your operation, and listing down the services you offer.

Strategy 3: Cite your business accurately. This means making sure that you all your information you fill out have consistent name, phone, and address across all of your listings. You might be surprised to see your business already listed somewhere else. Don’t fret! All you have to do is claim it, which is often referred to as a citation. Consider using a Google Map Maker to look for your business and phone number for you to know to if there are duplicate listings of your business.

Strategy 4: Reviews are currently considered by search engines as major factors in ranking websites. This is because reviews are easy and quick ways for visitors to decide whether they lick the link or not. Hence, to because successful in the implementation of SEO services in Houston, Texas to your business, don’t forget to include reviews made about your business. Just make sure that they are legit.

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